Well Hello There

Josh and Melissa Dennis- that’s us! Nothing about us defines us as exuberantly exciting, exceedingly interesting, or anything else that may suggest we are a big deal in this world. Who we are, what we’re about, our very identities are rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have a mighty God that works all things for our good and his glory (Romans 8:28). We have been saved by grace through faith and nothing in us could ever be counted as righteousness outside of Christ Jesus. We were born into lowliness through our sin, outside of the law of God and gladly so; but then God sent his right arm and brought salvation (Isaiah 59). Our greatest failings encompassed in the past, present, and future have been cured through the sacrifice of the Son of God. He chose us to make much of his own name. There is nothing deeper, nothing more profound, and nothing worth comparing. The Author of Life is to be lifted high and through no works of our own can we attribute such a zeal for him. “We love because he first loved us. (1 John 4:19).” The deep wonders of God, the infinite worth of his word, and the beholding of his son are the things we seek after most in this world. There is still wretchedness in both of us…that nasty residue of sin that lurks at the bottom of our hearts and gives way when we are way too tired and emotional or were just cutoff in traffic. We can deal though because we have hope in our perfect Savior that lived a blameless life and was bruised according to the will of God determined before the creation of the world.

Currently residing in Dallas, we hope to work as the Body of Christ should, confronting this city with the truth of the gospel. China happens to be the country our hearts are fixated on for the long-run, however. We long to live in this land and make much of our God there as he is increasingly worthy to be praised in our lives and others in every tongue. We fancy languages, though find much difficulty in actually learning them. Could it be that the International Phonetic Alphabet, counting to ten in Amharic, or reading the history of the English language serve as our play time? Maybe. We take pleasure in odd simple things. Example: even as we are writing this, we have just finished off a late night meal of Ramen noodles and chili (of course with a dash of mustard and curry). The week before last we embarked on one of the most adventurous camping expeditions ever…our living room transforms into quite the wilderness. Reading takes up most of our time outside of work. Shout out to John Owen, John Piper, Jonathan Edwards, Packer, Mueller, Spurgeon, Watson, Calvin, and Platt just to name a few. Being outdoors brings us tremendous calmness and a sense of reality. Mutual smiles come through running long distance. International food and drink are constantly in the apartment. We work seemingly ordinary jobs. Mediocrity at its best it may appear. Our family and friends impact our lives in ways unimaginable. We find reason to glory in Christ Jesus through the fellowship and difficulties that we share with them. God has blessed us with our sweet puppy, Hudson. He came at the perfect time :). And of course, we have our share of sadness, but as the apostle Paul reminds us so often, we are to always be rejoicing. That can become a problem when we have our own share of heartache or sin to deal with, but yet again, we are little sheep in desperate need of the Shepherd’s grace and guidance. So here we are, two sinners saved by grace alone through faith alone (sole fide) – Josh and Melissa Dennis.


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