The Word of God: Infinite Value

Musings from the Wifey

Prior to heading to India over a year ago, I began to listen to a John Piper sermon in my car as I traveled all around East Texas. The first twenty minutes were Piper’s reading of all of Philippians, then he proceeded into a message on prayer. In the listening and meditation that occurred during these drives (some at least, I have been known to zone-out), I was wooed yet again by the immeasurable worth of the Bible. Every word provides truth, hope, and answers to my wondering mind. This CD has yet to get thrown in the backseat (thankfully unscratched too!) because God’s word never returns void.

I’m challenged to try and consider all the ways that the Bible has proved faithful and trustworthy over every part of my life. My worldview has been altered. I once believed that God and I agreed in some way for my salvation, like I met him in the middle or something. But it was the word of God that corrected this:

“No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him. And I will raise him up on the last day.” -John 6:44

God’s sovereignty stood in utter glory and I stood corrected by Scripture. I pray that each day of my life now can serve as a widening of the eyes of my heart being enlightened to who God is and what he has done. I know how easily I can be swayed into simply doing and very much enjoying a good organized plan for each day, but the Bible confronts me when such behavior becomes idolatrous and pulls me away from the end means: God. I analyze even my prayers…is this correct theology? Did I forget something or someone? Seriously, my thoughts humor me at times. The Bible teaches me how to pray….wow, I desperately need that. Furthermore, my heart contains many things, passions and dreams, special people that God has put in my heart to love and have that love reciprocated. Where then are my affections? Is God and his glory at the heart of each of these people or things? The Bible provides grounds for my affections for God because from him flows all the joys that can possibly be experienced in life.

My lovely husband gives himself to the Holy Scriptures like no one else I have known in my life, and by him I am challenged to do the same. I see joy in his eyes as he feasts on the word of God and truth pours from his mouth as he teaches from it. All because of God’s goodness and for His reknown, I see faith and a desire to serve and known God from one degree of glory to the next in Josh.


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