Culture and Biblical Truth: Returning to the Men of Old

I have been yearning for and contemplating the difficulties of returning to the old ways. By old ways, I mean the Bible and the doctrines pertaining to the gospel of Jesus Christ that are essential for true faith. Our culture points us to liberal lifestyles, tolerance where it should not exist, and the addition of meanings to biblical terms that leave many confused and even with false assurance. Athanasius (4th century) was fighting for a cause, namely the deity of Jesus Christ. Arius and many other bishops were using the name “Jesus Christ” and tying in something that was untrue: Jesus Christ had a beginning, meaning he was once created. This cannot be. And this very point is what Athanasius went into exile for five times. He says, ” We believe…in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, begotten of the Father…very God of God…being of one substance with the Father…who for us men, and for our salvation, came down and was incarnate and was made man; he suffered, and on the third day rose again…” Arius and his followers did NOT agree with this, thus their definition of Jesus was incorrect and damning for their souls. I find new grounds to worship the Lord with a deeper understanding of the incarnation. Only He, the incorruptible, could saved me, the corrupt. Being fully human with divine nature, He could come and absorb wrath and rise again. I pray that I may be taken into deeper worship over the doctrine of the incarnation. It has everything to do with the gospel and salvation, therefore I have much to learn from Athanasius and his life-long battle over the deity of Christ because it still exists today. My culture says we should die for Christ and not propositions about Christ. They also say, “It is Christ who unites us, it is doctrine that divides.” This is similar to the heretic Arius. If he did not believe in the deity of Christ then he did not believe or know Jesus at all. Doctrine is important and essential to know God and the work of Christ. I liken it to me believing that I was married to someone, yet was quite unaware of who they really were. I didn’t know their substance or purpose, but simply knew we were married. Do you see how such a view of Jesus Christ can skew one’s understanding and even provide false assurance of their own salvation? This is a terrifying thought to me. I say this not in arrogance, but with fear and trembling because God is holy and shall not be mocked by uninformed, apathetic, or lazy people. May the informed boldly speak of the gospel and accentuate its truths to a lost and perishing world. I find that many modern day writers (Piper, Ferguson, Packer, and various others) are so fruitful and God-glorifying with their words because of the blessing that has come from the men of old, contenders of the faith throughout the centuries that have risked it all for orthodoxy.



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