You Know You’re Sick When….

All you can stomach is soup at 10:30 in the morning and Sigur Ros & Antonio Vivaldi at the lowest volume seem to be the only appealing sounds for one’s ears.

Entering my third month of pregnancy has proved a great feat because well…I’ve felt pretty terrible. In and out of colds it seems, which is extremely unlike me to get sick like this. I’m assuming its due to my immune system taking a hit by keeping my little grape safe:) In that case, being sick is pretty worth it.

My best friend and I are pregnant together. Our due dates are literally a week apart, and both of us think we must be having twins with how crumby we’ve felt. Well, in less than two weeks I will have the 1st ultrasound and discover just how many babies are in there. But until then, God give me the strength to take care of my sweet husband and darling Norah. What a small ailment compared to so many worse off. I have much to be thankful for.

Lord, save Norah and the new baby.


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