Rainy Day Blessings

It’s funny how God is using a cold, rainy day to encourage my spirit so much. I’ve always said that I’m a sunny-day kind of gal. I would rather be outside jogging with Norah in the stroller, sitting in our driveway scribbling away with chalk, or simply enjoying the sky on the porch swing. Rainy days usually work against me. House work is actually work. The darkened house just isn’t so happy to me. But today is different. I’ve spent most of Norah’s nap getting some work done while gazing out our kitchen window. It appears that the cows don’t mind grazing in the rain. I especially love the brown cow right outside our fence nibbling on a branch above its head. Norah has loved sitting in my lap throughout the morning while mooing at the cows.

While I’ve sat here  I’ve been reminded of so many things I would like to accomplish and what the Lord has been accomplishing in our lives and through our church family.

I’m GLAD in the Lord that he put it in our pastor’s heart to incorporate a congregation-wide bible reading plan. The goal is to ultimately knowing God through his word as a church body and reading through the bible in a year. I’m challenged and reminded of God’s grace that I so desperately need to stay fixed on his word as my daily bread. My husband has been the biggest encouragement in reminding me to get after the word even in my most tired and bothered states.

We have also added a weekly fighter verse. I’ve attempted to make it my aim to really meditate each week on the passage surrounding the fighter verses to give myself more biblical insight. I’ve had better weeks than others, but praise God for giving more grace to get me through the bad weeks when time leaves me and stress abounds!

Fighter Verse this week:

Psalm 42:1-2

“As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.”

These verses portray a scene of desperation to me. Oh to be thirsty! How sweet to know that God wants us to come and drink from His streams of living water! Praise be His Name.


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