Do You Neglect Your Salvation? – devotional by John Piper

Do You Neglect Your Salvation? – devotional by John Piper

Josh and I have incorporated John Piper’s Solid Joys daily devotional into our early morning routine and it’s proved nothing less than joy-increasing. This link is actually from November 5th, but my heart needs to daily consider the probing question:

Do I neglect my salvation? Yes. That’s an emphatic “yes” to my soul’s devastation. I confess that one of my sins is feeling neglected. I consider that a sin because it is my own pity, not truth and I know the truth. I am greatly loved by God. That is the truth. He never neglects me. Why do I let myself feel unloved by him then? The worries and struggles of this world can really choke you out. But not if you are a truth disciple of Christ Jesus. I know this to be true. That doesn’t mean that we believers have it any easier or don’t deal with real life things like depression, eating disorders, and other hard issues. We do! But because of our great salvation we have hope. I cannot neglect the Cross of Christ. It must me daily on my mind. Constant refresh. The fact that I have the indwelling Holy Spirit is astonishing! I must let my mind be reminded of that and purge out the sin that pushes such thoughts away. Oh God, help me. Remind me daily of this great salvation.

“How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?”
Hebrews 2:3


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