On Toddlers and Discipline

Norah is in her 15 month. Truthfully, she has an overall sweet, playful demeanor; however, she is beginning to have a temper in certain situations.

Meal time has proved difficult as she and I are grappling with finger foods and utensils. She gets very agitated when I try to explain that there are some foods she can feed herself with a spoon and some (such as couscous for example) that are just too much at this point.

There are few other instances throughout the day where she can grow frustrated. She is trying so hard to talk and getting words like “up” and “down” mixed. It’s absolutely precious and melts my heart but in her mind if I don’t understand what he says she simply needs to stick her head on the floor while her legs are still standing.

I’ve found a few sources in Christian toddler disciplining and plan to pray through all of these with Josh as we enter into Norah’s toddler years. I just can’t imagine considering them her “terrible twos” when God’s word says that children are a blessing and to received as our Heavenly Father has received us!






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