Paper-Plate Snowmen


Today Norah and the little boy I watch made cotton ball, paper plate snowmen! Okay, so more realistically these two chatter boxes sat at the table with me and repeated after me as I placed each piece together.

Do I think this was a bit advanced for them? Not at all! They were able to feel the snow (cotton balls) and follow directions by handing them to me as I needed to glue. Norah and Wyatt also would repeat each piece as I said,”Say _______[snowman, nose, hat, scarf, etc.]”, and then they finally got to hold markers and make their personalized dots on the cotton balls. I’m a big advocate for believing in them and gaging our activities according to their individual capabilities. As I plan for each week I try to avoid comparing the children according to where they “should be”by the standards of our pushy , competitive culture,  and instead incorporate a few familiar things with new things. There’s no age when a child can begin learning certain things. I believe it to be personalized, emphasis on “Person.” Norah and Wyatt are people and I fully intend to recognize that and meet their needs accordingly (with plenty of boundaries of course😉.)

 Here is the link to the activity with directions:





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