January Joy Dare: 3 Things About Yourself You Are Grateful For

Anything good in me is from God and ultimately for his glory, not mine. Psalm 16:2 says, “I say to the Lord, “You are my Lord; I have no good apart from you.” With that in mind, I list the following:

1) My Curly Hair

I’ll start off with a very real, day-to-day blessing. Having curly hair has been a gift since I became a mother. When my toddler is afraid of showers and only enjoys to sit beside me while I’m taking a bath, washing my hair isn’t always possible. Fact. I don’t really like to wash my hair very often, maybe two to three times a week. Since it’s curly, I don’t have to worry about dealing with it as much and it would have to take about a month for my hair to actually start getting greasy! I feel more confident with myself having all my frizzy hair surrounding my face. Strange, I know but it’s true. This is a little blessing. Something God designed me with that makes me who I am.

2) My Desire for God

My consistency with God and communion with him ebbs and flows just as it does in the lives of all believers; however, God has given me a deep desire for him to where I just can’t stay down. I want him. Even when I feel as though I don’t have him, I want him. It is forever instilled in my heart and mind that what God has provided me in Christ Jesus is of the utmost worth. Believe me, there have been seasons in my life where I just couldn’t find enough time to read as I should. Other things became priority. I’ve been apathetic due to snowballing day-to-day annoyances. But then God never persists to hide his face from me for too long. Historically, God has taught me lessons in dealing with my sin as a means of returning to him and re-fixing my eyes to the eternal race he has set before me. Though it hurts so badly to feel distant from God, it is the sweetest thing to sit before him feeling fully embraced when he has enlightened my eyes to the power of the cross again. God desires me and has shown that through sending His Son! That is the sweetest love. That is the template for all other human relationships. I’m grateful that I have a desire for God. Eternally grateful.

3) My Ability to Run Long Distances

Since my eighth grade year, I have been running. It started off just a couple of miles here and there throughout the week. Then it lead to me joining the cross county team. Then as I entered college I began finding new goals, distances that I would have never dreamed as a 13 year old girl. One summer, a dear friend and I ran to the next town and back before starting the day’s work at the camp we were both working. It was about 14 to 16 miles total I would say. As I would finish finals within my semesters at DBU, I would treat my self to some victory runs. Those would usually be about 10 miles per day. After Norah was born, I resumed running. Due to time constraints of busy mom life, my running shifted to about 2 or so miles per day on the days I could get Josh to play with her within his schedule. Now I am six months pregnant and can jog about 30 minutes at a time. I am looking forward to a “victory” run after giving birth to Owen.

God has used running to free me. As the wind beats against me, I feel like I’m dancing with my Creator! Running in the heat of summer is strangely most wonderful to me. I guess its because I can really feel the push it takes to accomplish my goal.



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