January Joy Dare: A Gift Bringing Laughter, Prayer, Quiet

A Gift Bringing LaughterImage

Confessions of an occasionally exhausted mom – sometimes when you stay up until midnight with your husband laughing and then getting the last bit of work in after he falls asleep, you just don’t want to wake up so early the next morning. Well, Friday mornings are Josh’s earliest mornings which ironically turn into my sleep-in mornings. He meets with a group of men for accountability/biblical discussion at 6AM, which means he is out of the house around 5:30 or so. Thursday nights are our date nights/family nights. We usually stay up later doing whatever fun thing tickles our fancy after we have laid Norah down. I take the opportunity to remain in bed Friday mornings while Josh gets ready and heads out. 

Well, today was like all other Friday mornings…until I concluded my usual conversation with Josh at around 7:15AM while Norah laid beside me chatting away. (She wasn’t quite as keen on sleeping until her usual wake-up time today.) Apparently when I ended the call, I somehow managed to dial my mother! Twenty minutes later, after spending lots of giggles with Norah as she pointed around our room telling me what belonged to who, I looked at my phone. Current call with my mom – twenty minutes in, still going. I say “hello” and my mom tells me she was so scared because she didn’t know what was going on! She went on to tell me that she was yelling my name into the phone and even whistling for us to hear her. Of course I couldn’t hear her. A few months ago I accidentally got some drops of hairspray in my speaker, so unless I have someone on speakerphone, I just can’t hear them! We laughed and laughed! 

It’s silly starts to the day like this that make me feel lighthearted and simply joyful. I was aware at that moment how thankful I am to have such a dear relationship with my mother where this really isn’t that odd because I talk to her about three times a day everyday as it is. 


A Gift Bringing Prayer


He was in the hospital last week with some very serious ailments from pneumonia to sepsis to a flare up with his atrial fibrillation. Today as he and my mom visit the cardiologist, I’m praying for God’s healing over my father’s body. I pray for a mind of encouragement and diligence after such a serious scare in the hospital. I pray that God will provide all necessary knowledge and perseverance in spirit for my mother to care for him. 

God is most willing and able!


A Gift Bringing Quiet


You know, that one segment in the day where energy is regained and spirits revived? Yes, nap time. I consider it a time God calls all mothers to run to him with no distractions. Chores to be done, to-do lists galore, bills to be paid, phone calls to be made – yes, yes, yes. But all that can wait until nap time’s later half. I take it as a time to plunge deep within the Word even if it only lasts for a little while. What a blessed time of communing with God. He calls us to himself. My dearest friend is He! Always there to hear my troubles and requests. Always reminding me of His graces in each day. But we have to take that time. If not, a stay-at-home-mother’s day may just dwindle into the similar look-alike busy day abyss. 

Nearing noon each day, Norah’s energy begins to fade and nap time arrives with usually no objection. Today is no different. As she ate, giggled, and snacked her morning away, Norah gladly gave me a big cuddle before laying down in her bed to nap. 


The perfect time to flee to God and draw from his springs of living water. 


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