January Joy Dare: 3 Gifts In The Kitchen



This apron was a Christmas present from Josh. He knew I had been needing another and simply knows things such as this brighten my day, especially since this one accentuates a pregnant belly much better than a small antique one!

The Window


I stand at this window washing dishes at least three times a day. [insert MLK’s street sweeper reminder!] I love the comfort that the still waters of a pond out back can bring, or the rustling leaves clinging to a few branches on a nearly bare tree. It offers a reminder that even in dishes God can be glorified and joy had.

There’s a special sight to be seen at this window as the sun goes down. Hues of pink, purple, and orange reflecting off the pond brings me back to reality: I live in God’s world. Everything has been created by him, for him, and to him. What a happy God is He to share such beauties with his children!



95% of these utensils have been passed down to me or simply given as new from my mother. (Have I mentioned that she is the most generous person I know?) From fried rice with sweet and sour pork to molten chocolate cake, I’ve used these faithfully day after day and am thankful for such gifts.

These also hold a special place in Norah’s day. She has a kitchen set positioned just at the corner of the kitchen and nothing makes her feel more satisfied than mamma’s spatulas. However, she ends up sweeping the floor with them and then ramming them under the stove most of the time. Only the habits of a future housewife, right?


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