Street Sweeping

And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of The Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.
Colossians 3:17

We all have different streets. Different brooms given to us by the Giver of all things.

Some are filled with corporate suits and offices, others with pieces of wood to be fashioned together.

Some even include little street sweepers in the making, those especially messy streets with Cheerios and three word phrases being sputtered.

I’ve been placed on one of those streets.

There’s lots of sweeping to be had here. Leaves that fall anew each day.

One little smile reminds me of a Blessed Sovereign.

One that rules the streets from this city to the next. He’s given a joyous task. Not to sweep simply to sweep. But to do so and be enlightened.

One day some realize that we keep trying to sweep behind us and the pile continues billowing. Little do we know it’s immoveable on our own. A pile to forever leave us in a cloud of dust.

Then the Blessed Sovereign opens eyes and makes a street sweeper praise his glorious grace.

You see, He sent the One that will forever cleanse the streets, especially the hearts of his people.

But for now, our piles are not our own to bear, we are free from them. Forever swept away in grace made manifest by the Son.

We still labor in our streets, sweeping away at what seems to be the same thing everyday, tasks to be done. Sin to be confronted. However it is in those tasks where grace is revealed.

Cleaning my little street sweeper’s hands and face reminds me of glory due the Giver of the Greatest Gift. The One in whom eternal satisfaction is found.

He makes my sweeping glorious. He changes it into worship. It won’t go away on this side of glory, but I have the One who provides grace upon grace to draw from every hour.

There’s joy to be had in sweeping.

[MLK street sweeper quote in prior post]


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