February Joy Dare: 3 Gifts Red

Norah’s Bible


One of my old coworkers gave us this bible for Norah right after she was born. Norah has always enjoyed looking at the pictures but it has only been in recent months where she has sat with us while reading bible stories. She now says “donkey” anytime we mention Jesus because she is so used to seeing the picture of Jesus ride into Jerusalem on the donkey.

Our prayer is that the stories in this book will guide her mind in knowing and understanding redemptive history, and that God would be gracious enough to save her at a young age.

Chinese Jumper


A very generous and loving Chinese woman named Grace gave me loads of clothes, this jumper included. There’s a lot of sentimental value wrapped up in this cute Winnie the Pooh ensemble. It reminds me of the Chinese students I used to teach alongside Grace. We got to tag team a class full of two year olds, teaching them both English and Chinese. Some of the Chinese students that had parents that had just come to the States from China still dressed them in these very Chinese-like clothes. I love for Norah to wear it, not to mention the overall thing is just precious on babies😄

Radio Flyer


My parents got this wagon for Norah for Christmas. She is obsessed with it! She especially loves for me to wheel her around to the back pasture so we can say “hi” to the “moo cows.” It’s a small gift that has brought joy to both of us. We love being outdoors, and this sure makes it easier on a pregnant mamma as opposed to chasing after a toddler.


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