February Joy Dare: 3 Gifts Found In Writing

Three Women, Three Blogs, Endless Encouragement

Gloria Furman 



I’m halfway through Glimpses of Grace by Gloria Furman, and I have found such joy and truth in the gospel through her book thus far. Her blog is yet another “glimpse of grace” in my life and serves as a quick reminder of God’s relentless love for his people and his glory.

Transparent and boasting in the cross would be how I define her writing. Both of which are huge pluses in my book. Her use of scripture reminds me of John Piper. Every book I read written by him is chock-full of God’s Word, and that to me speaks volumes. Gloria’s purpose is very clear- redeeming the ordinary for the glory of God.





Aimee Byrd



Aimee Byrd, author of Housewife Theologian (fantastic read!), is yet another woman in the blogosphere that is writing for the purpose of declaring the gospel in the ordinary. She calls her readers to “Join [her] in learning more about God and examining whether our knowledge of Him is congruent with our thinking and everyday living” (“About Me” section of her blog).

Her posts have challenged me as I consider her a very intelligent woman and definitely holding her own among the scholars of the faith out there. A new appreciation for reformed confessions has sprouted in me since I’ve begun following her blog.





Ann Voskamp 



My best friend told me about Ann Voskamp’s blog and and The Joy Dare. Wow- this has been life-changing for me so far! God has used the January Joy Dare to really turn my attitude toward God and those around me upside down. Considering gifts on a daily basis has made me look deep into my life at the little things and find God’s grace and love in them.

Sizing up the month of January with my husband, he mentioned that The Joy Dare has really changed me. I’m not feeling hurt so much by things that shouldn’t be bothering me. I’m not focusing on the bad as much as before. Let’s be honest though- this sanctifying life is a work in progress and taking just one day at a time and then moving to a month at a time and seeing improvement is encouraging. I am hoping in God more than before because I have been challenged to look for his hand and little did I know, it’s everywhere! He is working in my life, others, and through his creation to bring about constant glory to His Name.

Ann Voskamp has a totally different writing style than that of the previous blogs I have mentioned, and I like it. The English major within me reads with anticipation at each new post and picture, loving the versatility. She speaks to the mundane of life as well. Homeschooling children and having loads of laundry I have yet to even experience is encouraging, especially when reading her hope in God.


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