February Joy Dare: 3 Gifts On Paper

Letter from a Friend

A dear friend of mine will be marrying her best friend next month! I am helping with some wedding crafting. Included in the crafting kit she mailed me was this gem:

I love handwritten notes. I love my friend Meagan. {A quick word on this great gal- God began our friendship when we both were working in undergraduate admissions at our university. Silly nights filled with giggles and work led to years of friendship. She would visit me at my home after I gave birth to Norah and was feeling so lonely. She would come pick me and Norah up for coffee dates. She and her fiancé even drove from Dallas for Norah’s first birthday. She is such a sweetheart and we have shared many struggles and joys together.} I am thrilled to attend her wedding and just cannot wait to see this covenant begin and flourish in gospel-centeredness.

A project filled with sprinkling fairy dust, heat-gunning, and lots of love for two sweet people awaits a night of mine sometime this week or next.

Handouts – February Joy Dare


Tomorrow night marks the first women’s bible study for me to teach while attending our church. As God has done a work in my heart over the past month through Ann Voskamp’s Joy Dare, I would like to share it with the women attending and ask them to pray about taking the challenge as well. When my best friend, Nellie, initially texted me about it, I was hesitant to add another thing to my plate. I was already eight days into 2014 and running smoothly with my bible reading and The Valley of Vision mediations. Did I really need one more thing to simply do? Well, after praying about it, God was faithful to confirm. I started counted gifts and it’s been wonderful. If a day is missed, no guilt. It’s intended to be a joy-increaser and not something to do begrudgingly. I pray that some of the ladies attending will be moved to count the gifts in their lives as well.

Bible Reading Card from My Hubby

Josh printed out and laminated this 2014 bible reading plan for me. In previous years, we have had full sheets and they often got mixed up with other documents. Now, I have something that can easily stay in my bible without getting ripped, wrinkled or mixed.

It’s the little things like this that Josh does for me that mean so much day in and day out. Yet another reminder that God has made Josh and I for each other to spur each other on towards increasing communion with Him and meditation over His Word.


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