The Loss of a Child and Satisfaction in Christ

After reading this blog post from Desiring God (, I am left with sadness and joy. Sadness in that Josh and I can understand to some degree (though not completely) the pain as we had a miscarriage prior to Norah; however, to have a life lived for any amount of time and then have to part with your baby is truly incomprehendable to me. Joy in that this couple has been a window for the gospel of Christ. How the chills spread across my arms as I think about the grace and love of the gospel being sufficient for these parents to continue to live in hope in the midst of great sorrow. That is what Paul meant by “suffering yet always rejoicing.” True pain marks their lives and God saw fit for a precious gift to be with them for a short time, yet the Gospel of Jesus Christ is how they will continue. Prayers for this sweet mother and father as I am reminded of the brevity of life and considering future grace.


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