Family Worship & Bible Memorization!

imageMy family and I love listening to Seeds Family Worship! This summer and fall have proven to be strenuous days for our family, yet God and the truth of His Word have provided hope through it all. There is transforming power that comes through memorizing and meditating on Scripture, and this worship music and the site resources provide a beautiful avenue for that to occur.

As a wife and mother, I am continuously needing nourishment from the Word of God to love my husband well and nurture our little ones in the way of The Lord, yet it can be discouraging when the time isn’t always there because, well, life happens. Our children will wake during the night, sometimes back to back and for days at a time. Our quiet time may be cut short or non-existent during these days. However, we don’t have to always be alone with The Lord to have that soul rejuvenation. (Though that is always what we aim for because it is necessary!) When we are sitting in our houses, walking by the way, lying down and rising (Deuteronomy 6:4-9), we can worship with our spouses and children through song, study, furthered discussion, and prayer. Over the past several months, Josh and I have watched our daughter learn the Fruit of the Spirit while singing along with Seeds Family Worship and then discussing it with her when she (or we!) act otherwise. We have considered the character of God, how we have sinned and fallen short of His glory, and various other biblical realities. It has been rich as we seek to parent well and walk personally with God.

Seeds Family Worship is currently offering a FREE download of their album, Seeds of Courage, and I simply had to share this goodness! I encourage everyone to head over to, grab a free copy, and stay awhile to checkout the resources (like free memory cards!🎉)


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