Why We Educate Our Girls | Desiring God

Yes and amen. My greatest zeal in educating our daughter came first by the desire for her to open God’s Word and be able to read it herself, understanding the span of her language enough for such a glorious task. As we continue to acquaint her in grammar skills, theology, history of the world, science, math and more, I hope that she can not only wade through the metanarrative of Scripture but marvel in the brush strokes of detail, and above all, find herself completely enthralled by the glorious God revealed in it. I have found that every single instance of our day provides a platform for educating our children about the world around them and the God who made it all. Our current season of youthfulness and play mixed with sit-down learning time, helping others, and wild adventures are blessed in heaven by a God who loves the little children and calls them to come to Him. 

As a complementarian, I feel zero restraint in education for Norah. God, who lets light shine out of darkness and reveals in our hearts His light of glory in the face of Jesus Christ, is marvelously knowable through His Word and new faith-eyes. Such knowledge is not limited to men, but meant for us all to devote our lives to delve deep in seeking out the glory and reflecting it to the world. Yet in posture of life, I will gladly continue to teach the biblical womanhood I have come to know and seek to walk in as designed by God. As women of God, what a glorious task we have to demonstrate the complementing roles we were made to fill here on this earth to nurture, express truths decisively, work diligently in the homes and outside for the glory of God. 

I pray other daughters throughout the world can have freedom for education as well, most of all that they may come to know the God who sent his Son into the world to save sinners. 



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